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Image-Vet FleXX

ImageWorks Veterinary presents the latest generation in the series of Image-Vet™ X-Rays. Featuring complete portability, the Image-Vet FleXX™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. 

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Image-Vet FleXX™ Features:    

  • Portable - FleXXible to use anywhere
  • Compact & Light - only 4 lbs
  • Safe and easy operation with one hand
  • Take more radiographs, faster
  • No assembly, no installation
  • FDA approved for hand-held use
  • FleXXibility allows radiograph production by one person
  • No arm to drift
  • Oil-cooled Toshiba tube
  • High Frequency 60kV / 2mA
  • High capacity Lithium-ion battery (up to 500 shots per charge)
  • Double lead shielding prevents x-ray leakage
  • Low dose system generates less radiation than conventional systems
  • Double wrist straps for right or left hand operation
  • Right and left exposure buttons for bilateral operation
  • Neck strap for added safety and FleXXibility
  • Back scatter shield for user safety
  • Two battery packs
  • Seamlessly compatible with EVA Vet™ Classic, EVA Vet™ Select II and other high quality Digital Dental Imaging Systems, as well as high speed dental film
  • Compare to Nomad:
    • Weighs less - only 4 lbs
    • Well-balanced and easier to handle - double wrist straps allows operation with either hand
    • Smaller and more compact - easier to manage
    • Neck strap - hands-free portability
    • Costs less!

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