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DR-wizard 14x17 cassette-size wireless flat panel system is a complete ready to use digital Radiology solution, at an unbelievably low price with optional features that can energize your practice.

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Now you can have all the benefits a TRUE DR FLAT PANEL SYSTEM has to offer plus the convenience of receiving and transmitting X-RAY IMAGES wirelessly within seconds from anywhere in your facility or in the field at the COST OF A CONVENTIONAL LOW PRICED CR SYSTEM! 

If you were waiting for the DR prices to drop as the next generation DR flat panel technology is introduced, it just happened. The lowest priced next generation digital technology is here. This cutting edge DR-wizard technology is so revolutionary that it is considered the end game to all digital imaging technologies. When you purchase the new DR-wizard for your new or replacement digital system three things will happen, you will be increasing your bottom line FOR THE LONG TERM FUTURE, plus saving time while increasing your image quality. Now that’s a statement of Value you can hang your hat on.

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