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Siui CTS-8800V Plus Ultrasound

A breakthrough in traditional designation, the latest and processes closely combined with up-to-date IT technology with a variety of advanced ultrasound imaging technologies. 

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The release of the CTS-8800 promotes development and popularization of 4D ultrasound imaging, and will certainly trigger revolutionary transformation to 4D ultrasound imaging. 
Through the perfect match of 4D ultrasound and B&W imaging, the users can obtain 4D ultrasound imaging function at the mere cost of a B&W ultrasound, instead of high price for a high-end color Doppler, which dramatically reduces the purchase cost, as well as exam fee for the patients. 
The CTS-8800 leads you to the 4D imaging world!

The great characteristics of this machine are the 15" LCD Monitor, optional Lithium battery, better imaging and the power to upgrade to COLOR Doppler later.
Speckle Reduction
Black and White Portable
Trapezoidal Imaging
Extended Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler PWD
Smart One Key Optimization - adjust time/gain control and B-gain in B-mode as well as baseline, PRF and PW.

Optional Features:
4D Capability (option)
Color Doppler (option)
Compound Imaging (option)
Panoramic Imaging (option) - wider view to scan large area tissues with the transducer movement
DICOM (option)
Built in Battery (lithium), (option)
Wifi (option)

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