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Patented DIS Dual Laser Pointers

The DIS Laser Pointer is ideally suited for bright ambient light applications where the current halogen collimator lamp can not produce enough brightness to identify x-ray field center. The DIS Laser Pointer will indicate the x-ray beam center even in very bright daylight and makes it easy to position the x-ray cassette via a bright red laser dot in the center of the collimated x-ray field.

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* Dual Laser pointers indicate beam center and achieves proper distance, eliminates measuring
* Convergence point utilizing dual laser pointers achieves proper 26-30" film to x-ray unit distance
* Easy customer installation or send in your unit for installation!
* Operation Voltage: 3.0 VDC
* 2-Large watch batteries
* Operation Temp.: -10 to +50C
* Beam Diameter 4 mm
* Beam divergence less than 2.0 mrd
* Size: each: 2"LX1"WX11/4"H

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